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future and sleep

I listen and appreciate all of them. However 5 years post I am constantly learning

Boobs or no Boobs, Listen!

Being diagnosed with invasive Breast Cancer on my 40th birthday was not my favorite surprise, but given the circumstances, being gifted this resource was. Beth and Sarah walk listeners through every aspect of this journey with intention, honesty, grace, and encouragement. Early on, I would take 30-min walks to help process my diagnosis, and I would listen to each episode one by one. I could feel myself exhale and re-center. I am through the beginning storm and still feel myself aexcited for the next episode to appear. Keep creating content that is meaningful, relevant, and filled with hope!

Helpful to so many!

As a 45 year old deciding on a proactive double mastectomy, I felt isolated. The support from medical centers was lacking. The Besties with Breasties Podcast helped me find valuable information about the surgery and post-op recovery. Super thankful for the guidance and happy to be on the other side!

Importance of sleep

Important episode that was needed and some times forgotten

Besties with Breasties

I can’t say just how important this is. I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2021 and quickly discovered there are a lot of emotions that come with a cancer diagnosis and very few resources. The highs and lows are like a roller coaster. Fear, doubt, uncertainty comes in waves. Sometimes overwhelmingly. And if I’m being totally honest no one can understand it all except someone who has been there. I didn’t know if I would find any comfort since my diagnosis was not breast cancer. But I found it. So thankful for these women and there fearlessness when sharing their stories. We are not walking alone!

Helpful is an understatement!

I was recently diagnosed w/breast cancer (Dec ‘22) and was so glad when someone pointed me to this podcast. I have found 1) information, 2) hope, and 3) humor, all three combined are a recipe for healing. All three have been a merciful reminder that I am not walking this road alone. God bless these women!

Helped me stay sane

I'm so glad I came across this podcast during the surgery-planning phase of my breast cancer journey. It helped me feel like I wasn't alone and lent a voice of understanding that only BC survivors can.

Light in the dark

Thank you Beth and Sarah for this podcast! I was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago. I have listened to every episode (some 2 and 3 times!) depending on the topic and where I am in my journey. This podcast is a place I turn to on days when I’m struggling mentally. It always puts a smile on my face and encourages me. Thank you!

Financial freedom

All podcasts are informative. I liked this one because the last thing one needs during their journey is increased stress. However also just good advice for life

So Helpful

This was so helpful at a time when I felt so alone. I was able to get some of my questions answered and felt like they were speaking directly to me!

Real talk

I have laughed, smiled, and cried while listening to Beth and Sarah. They real life talk about cancer.

Great podcast

This podcast gives great information for all women to hear. Love the dynamic between Sarah and Beth.

Companions on the Journey

We all need inspiration, hope, and sometimes just the knowledge they we’re not alone in facing a diagnosis of breast cancer. These two “besties” serve up practical tips, timely topics, and relevant insights along with a big side order of humor on a huge bed of HOPE! Don’t miss a single episode!

Best. Podcast. Ever.

These two friends were the mentors I needed throughout my journey. Each episode is filled with timely info and a reminder to advocate for yourself and your needs. This podcast allowed me to connect with a group of survivors that are thriving and supporting women through their diagnosis and journey. I look forward to each new episode and what I can learn and apply to my personal journey!

Love it!!

This is great light hearted way to approach cancer talk. It’s a must listen!

Great info

This is a great podcast! Two friends who are both breast cancers survivors talk about the nitty gritty of everything one might go through during their breast cancer journey.

Great podcast

These two women, young breast cancer survivors themselves, take a difficult subject and approach it with compassion, empathy, honesty, and refreshing humor. They are real and dedicated to thriving in all areas of their lives. Great info for anyone - survivor or not. 👏🏻

Pre Surgery Checklist

I listened to the podcast Pre Surgery Checklist before my double mastectomy. Oh my goodness, such great information. I went to Goodwill and bought oversized button up mens dress shirts and oversized womens zippered jackets. Best purchase ever! Thank you Besties with Breasties!

Candid and frank

Great conversations and shared insights into topics that are important during the journey. Highly recommend! (And I’m listening as a survivor who is one year out of active treatment.)

Vital Information

I so wish I had found this podcast when I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. (I am not sure when the podcast first started.) I will always recommend it to anyone I know who gets this diagnosis. A podcast on genetic cancers (mine is CHEK2) would be helpful. The women put into words what is hard to express.