Welcome to our Community!

Why did we create this?

We started this podcast for people who want support but didn't necessarily want to talk to anyone about what they were going through. We wanted to create something which validates how women feel and provide them information in a fun and non judgmental way. 

BETH: Do you remember my response when you suggested we start a podcast? 

SARAH: Yeah, I think you said “hell no!”

BETH: And yet, here we are. You are subtly persuasive my friend. 

SARAH: It was a good move though, right? 

BETH: 100%

SARAH: I was thinking about us doing a podcast way before the pandemic hit and then when that all happened, it was perfect timing.  

BETH: Yeah with Covid19 there was zero emotional support allowed in the clinical setting so all these women were having to go through treatment alone so I agree, the timing was perfect for what we were trying to do which was to reduce isolation and improve access to information. 

SARAH: Most people don’t realize we weren’t friends before our breast cancer diagnosis’ so they wonder how we started a podcast together.

BETH:  It was a gradual friendship and working relationship don’t you think?  You attended a community breakfast for my nonprofit Faith Through Fire and then became a survivor mentor in our mentor program. From there we became friendly and that’s when you suggested we do a podcast. We worked so well together that now you’re the VP at FTF. 

SARAH: Funny how things work out! What’s your favorite part of doing the podcast? 

BETH: It’s like therapy for me. I get to say all the things I feel. What about you? 

SARAH: All the cool people we get to talk to, taking something traumatic and making it into something that helps others. 

BETH: Yep, definitely.

The podcast is one piece of the puzzle, head on over to our non-profit website to see what we are up to there!  Mentorship, Respite, Community... OH MY!   

About the Hosts

Sarah HallProfile Photo

Sarah Hall

Vice President, Co-Host

Favorite sound: the ocean, silence
Favorite past time: reading, yoga, being outside
Biggest accomplishment: beating cancer, raising two strong willed daughters
Biggest pet peeve: People who complain, negative people
Favorite drink: kumbucha all day baby!

Beth WilmesProfile Photo

Beth Wilmes

Founder, CEO, Co-Host

Favorite sound: A zipper on a tent, kids laughing
Favorite past time: camping and boating, reading on a yard blanket under a tree
Biggest accomplishment: Starting my nonprofit Faith Through Fire
Biggest pet peeve: People who change their selfie profile pic constantly on Facebook
Favorite drink: Water (I don't drink soda) or a martini